Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hindi Dohas On Friendship

Incredible indeed...

I hate India.
But don't be shocked people keep telling me everyone hates India during the first week... Let me tell you one thing about Mumbai: it sucks. It is one big, crowded, dirty place and I had a feeling everyone was trying to rip me off...  and I am glad I'm already outta there. That's right, I just arrived at Arambol, Goa. It still sucks but at least there's a beach.
Basically all I did so far was crying my heart out and I really want to go home. But I decided to give India 3 weeks, if I'm still convinced it's horrible then I'll fly back. But I have to give it a go.
Flight was awesome, met this great India guy who lives in Texas and visits his family at the plane and he was very nice and helpful, now I'm traveling with a girl from Brazil but I think she doesn't like me too much :(

I feel horrible as in I don't know what to do I want to die.
Maybe it'll get better, I really hope so but as of now, I'm not sure if I will stay here. I knew what to expect, I knew it was dirty and hot and loud but... I wasn't prepared to feel this lonely.
I could deal with the dirt, I could deal with the non-existence of streets, I could deal with fucking all of it, if I had someone here with me. My friends, someone I barely know but can focus on, really just anyone :(
And I miss Max to an extent that physically hurts.

Guys I really need your love right now! I try and be online again somewhen this afternoon so I can talk to one of you ... Will you be disappointed if I came back after only a week or two (three if I can make it)? I hope not:) I am disappointed in myself, I thought I could handle loneliness better. Turns out I can not. I have not eaten

in 24 hours, I slept for a few hours at the night bus ... this is getting dangerous.
Now I'll go to the beach, hoping to find some friends there ...

I Hate India ...
But people tell me that was normal in the first week. Let me tell you a little about Mumbai, there is a huge, dirty city full of people, that is, I want to take all the money out of pocket. I am happy to be there any longer ... Exactly, I'm in Arambol, Goa arrived! It's still scheise but at least there is a beach.
was the only thing I have done all the time, cry me the hell out of them, but I decided to give India 3 weeks time if I will still be terrible, I find fly home.
The flight was good, I've met a ntten Indians, which operates in Texas and visited a family in Mumbai, he helped me really, now I travel with a girl from Brazil, aberich know that she does not like me very: (

I feel terrible, as in:. I do not know what to do and I will die
Perhaps the even better, but as it stands now I do not really know if I here can blib, I knew it is dirty and aut and full, but I did not expect me to feel so lonely.
I could cope with the dirt, shit with the absence of roads, I could here the whole damn cope if I had someone with me. My friends, someone I barely know, ANYONE. Max
I miss so much that it almost does hurt and I did not expect.

I need you and your affection now! I will try now to be back online this afternoon, the internet cafe it directly opposite the hotel so I can talk to any of you.
you were very disappointed if I came after a week or two home? I hope not :)
I'm by myself disappointed, I thought I would come better cope with loneliness ... I was wrong.

I have not eaten for 24 hours nothing, I have only slept a few hours in the night bus, which is dangerous here.
I'm going to go slowly to the beach there and hope to find a few friends.


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